October Newsletter

Hello friends

Blimey! I’ve just realised it’s Sunday night and I haven’t yet sent out the newsletter! I do hope you’ll all be able to come on Thursday as I think it’s going to be enormous fun.

Meeting this Thursday (14th)
We’re going to be having a Bond themed meeting and we’re  turning the naval club into a glamorous Casino!  Well, I’m almost definitely exaggerating the glamour – I’m not a complete miracle worker –  but there will be blackjack and roulette. Not for actual money either – I think there might be rules against gambling away the WI funds –   but there will be a prize for the person who accumulates the most fake money by the end of the evening.
There will also be pistol shooting! Not real pistols (you can probably see a theme emerging here) but the rubber band ones are surprisingly accurate. Health and safety protocol suggests that we aim for the target, rather than lurking about in corners or hiding under tables before leaping out and shooting our friends ( fun though that sounds). I think commando rolls are OK though.
A chap with an Aston Martin is going to be making an appearance, so we can drape ourselves over the bonnet. There will also be a Bond themed quiz
You can’t do Bond without cocktails so we’ve thought about that too. Not real ones though! I’ll be bringing all the ingredients for alcohol free mixed drinks plus some interesting recipes for you to try out. Of course, there’s nothing stopping you from buying a shot at the bar to add to your drink, if you’re feeling frisky. Please bring your own glass if you’re not planning on buying anything from the bar.
It would be fab if you fancied dressing up in your best Bond themed outfit, but it isn’t essential. Some of us love a bit of fancy dress while others loathe it.

Next month’s meeting November 11th
Our November meeting is going to have a Scandi Christmas theme. We’ll be crafting those cute little Christmas gnome things, which are called Tomte apparently, and we’ll be sampling traditional Nordic festive food. 

Looking forward to seeing you all on Thursday. Although you might have trouble spotting me as I’ll be in my invisible car.

Big love