October/November Meetings

Hello friends

No doubt you’ve spotted that no announcements have been made about what’s been planned for our next meetings. We’ve been waiting to see whether or not we’re allowed to meet in person and, very sadly, it turns out that we’re not. However, all is not lost and some exciting things have been booked for us to all join in on  Zoom.

October meeting Thursday 8th
Following a recommendation from a fellow WI president friend of mine, we have a musical theatre actress coming to talk to us. Sophie-Louise Dann was a founder cast member of Gary Barlow’s musical about The Calendar Girls (she played the one who needed much bigger buns!) and she’s recently played  Madame Thernadier in the touring Les Mis. Sophie will be baking a cake while chatting with us and answering  our questions on all things musical theatre related. I’m told she’s great fun so I’m looking forward to an evening of chat and laughter – just what we need at the moment.

November meeting Thursday12th
 I was looking through the list of suggested speakers that has been posted in the Unofficial WI Facebook group (well worth joining – lots of interesting chat) and several WIs recommended Jo May, percussionist. As it happens I actually know Jo as she’s a friend of a friend and I’ve been to one of her workshops in trendy Brighton. So….she’s coming to teach us how to  play the spoons!  I think this is a skill we will all find immensely useful. When we can have big parties again, just think how impressed your family will be when you whip out your spoons for a quick recital. You can use any spoons but there are also special wooden ones you can buy for the purpose. Nearer the time I’ll post a link, should you feel that spoon playing will be just the thing to keep you occupied through the long winter evenings. I can see a WoSWI spoon orchestra on Britain’s Got Talent…

We would really like as many of us as possible to be able to join in the fun. Some of you will now be completely au fait with online communications and will be Zooming all over the place. Others will be terrified at the mere thought. If you’ve never tried Zoom but you don’t want to miss out, I’m here to hold your hand. I’m assuming you have access to a computer as you’re reading my email, so contact me at and I can answer your questions and help you set it up. Then you’ll be amazed at how easy it is.

Looking forward to seeing your lovely smiley faces, waving out from my laptop screen.

Much love


September Newsletter

Hello ladies and welcome to the September newsletter

I am absolutely delighted to be able to tell you that WoSWI is safe, as two of our members have stepped forward to take over the Treasurer role between them. Huge thanks to Sarah Campbell and Lynne Wheeler. We’re really looking forward to working with you both and a big welcome to our merry band of committee members. Incidentally, if any of you other ladies feel like you could do with a new interest in your life you would be most welcome to join the committee as well. 

AGM September 10th
So. most excitingly, we are able to meet in person once again!! Next Thursday is our long delayed AGM, where we do all the business stuff and hold our Presidential election. I have an inkling that I know who it will be!

Of course, it isn’t just going to be business matters – we have some fun planned as well. Jo Cobb is going to be teaching us how to sew our own masks so we can become fashionistas and always have a suitable mask to match our outfit. We’ll provide all materials but feel free to bring your own fabric if you have favourite scraps you’d like to use up. We’re also going to be doing some mandala stone painting, which I can personally vouch is incredibly relaxing and somewhat addictive.

I’ve been in touch with the naval club and they assure me they have anti Covid measures in place, such as extra cleaning and a one way system. We will also make sure everybody is suitably spaced and there is plenty of hand gel available. However, we can only have 30 people so please will you book your space in advance and it will be first come, first served. Just reply to this email to register. I know some of you are being careful to avoid exposure so won’t want to come along, while others are desperate for a bit of normality and will be beating down the doors. 

Live Streaming
We will be streaming the meeting for those of you who can’t attend in person. More on this to follow. We will also be setting up a system so you can vote from home for your President of choice. Again, more info on this will follow, once we’ve worked out how on earth to do it!

Really looking forward to getting together again at long last.

Much love