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Mary Quant exhibition at the V&A is on

Saturday May 18th at a cost of £27

I was so glad that I managed to drag myself out of my comfy chair and into the dark wintry night to go to our first meeting of 2019. It was such fun: so much hilarity and laughter. Our speaker, Peter Jones - no, not THAT one - author of several self-help books plus three novels was charming, funny and inspirational. I overheard a couple of members in the back row deciding that he was the best speaker we have had so far.

Vanessa led the auction of unwanted Xmas gifts which raised £55 for MODS. The auctioneer's spiel was funny all the way through but the best bit was when the rose-pink faux leather jacket was offered. Definitely a "statement item" it would make a great addition to a member's wardrobe but there was uncertainty about its size. First Jo modelled it, then Sam decided to check whether it would fit. There was so much laughter that the auctioneer forgot where she was in the bidding!

Sally-Ann had set out a table of enticing raffle prizes: the ticket before mine won a prize and so did the ticket ahead, so not lucky this draw. However I did rummage through the donated fabrics and found metres and metres of pale pink lace. Just the trim I need to edge the duvet cover that I am working in right now.

On a serious note, members selected their preference for the resolution for the next WI campaign to be discussed the annual conference. There was a tie for the most popular: "A Call Against the Decline in Local Bus Services" and "Don't fear the smear ".