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Southend ColourthonThis starts at 6pm on 6th July and an opportunity for participants to raise money for our charity . For info see "Trips and Events"


Tenth Birthday Party

Sunday September 8th from 2pm to 5pm at the Chalkwell Rooms. MEMBERS only. RSVP at next meeting, Thursday 13th June.

Everyone enjoyed the visit to the Victoria and Albert Museum.  My group took over an hour and a half browsing the Mary Quant dresses and video clips.  Some of us recalled that era, remembering the fashions of fifty or so years ago, but some members are too young.  The dresses were mostly made from natural fibres - man-made fabrics were just being introduced at that time.  Every dress was beautifully sewn and fully lined and hung well - none of the models in the video clips had to tug at their short skirts to pull them down.