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Mary Quant exhibition at the V&A is on

Saturday May 18th at a cost of £27. Members and friends who just want to go to London on the coach, but not to the V&A, pay £17

Put a group of WI ladies together and you will be amazed how creative they are. After the A.G.M. matters were done and dusted, the new Committee elected and the new President chosen, members settled down to tackle the evening's challenge. On each table there was one plain iced cake plus an assortment of fondant icing, royal icing, writing icing in tubes and sprinkles. And, of course, hand sanitizer plus wipes. Members were allowed twenty minutes to complete the challenge. At the end it was really, really difficult to select the best decorated cake. Every member had a voice in the choice of the winner and my table's efforts came second. Yay! Then we cut our cakes and either ate our slice there and then or took it home for later.

The other issue introduced at the meeting was an idea for celebrating WosWI's tenth anniversary this September. Our President suggested making a pledge to achieve ten "things" by the end of the year. No pressure! But members who accept the challenge could post them on our FB page . . .  - a "work in progress", so more information next month.