March Newsletter

Hello Ladies

I can’t believe it’s March already! Back at Christmas when they announced a three month lockdown, right through the dreariest part of the year, I thought time would crawl along at the speed of a snail. Instead it seems to have rushed by at a breakneck pace. Or is that just me?! So lovely to have the hopefulness of Spring in the air and the promise of more normality ahead of us. In no time at all we’ll be able to meet up again.

Our next Zoom meeting – March 11th 8pm
This month’s speaker is Sarah Kelly. Her subject sounds fascinating as she handled communications between the media and the police in the Harold Shipman case.  

Get Togethers
Our coffee morning last week was thoroughly enjoyable. We only had six people so it was very informal and intimate, but there was a lot of chat and laughter and great fun was had by all. I’m really relishing the chance to get to know people better. The next one is Thursday 4th March at 7pm so grab a coffee or glass of wine and come and hang out with us for a bit.

April Goodie bags!!
Our Christmas deliveries were so well received that we’re going to be sending out another batch of goodie bags before our April meeting. These will contain materials for a craft and other activities, as well as some lovely Spring treats for you. Looking forward to some more doorstep chats as well. 

It has been a challenge, to say the least, to keep WoSWI running throughout  lockdowns and social distancing, and myself and the committee have tried really hard to make sure you get value from your membership and feel that you are still an important part of our WI community. We’ve all had an extra three months membership but in April it will be time to fork out £44 to renew for another year. We have a lot of plans in the pipeline for more outside gatherings, and a big celebration when we are finally allowed to meet up indoors again, so I’m really hoping that you’ll all want to renew your membership. I appreciate that the last year has been difficult, particularly if you haven’t been able to join in with our online meetings, but better times are ahead so don’t give up on WoSWI!

Really looking forward to seeing you all next Thursday.

Much love