July Newsletter

Hello friends

Such a shame we’re having to Zoom yet again. Hopefully this really will be the last time. We’ve lined up an entertaining sounding speaker to give us all a laugh though. She’s called Vanessa (top name!) and is a wedding planner with her own company, Rocks and Frocks.

Next  Zoom meeting July 8th 8pm

We don’t normally have an August meeting but who even knows what normal is any more? The committee have decided to tear up the rule book, rebels that we are, and we’re throwing a big WoSWI picnic at Shoebury East Beach on the evening of August 12th. We’ll be meeting earlier than normal, at 6pm, to make the most of the light. If you’re feeling hardy, bring your swimming things. If you’re less hardy, just bring plenty of cake and alcohol. And a chair, of course. Due to the ongoing Covid situation we think it’s more prudent to avoid food sharing so please bring your own picnic – (although the WoSWI police won’t be in attendance to stop you having a taste of your neighbour’s, should all be in agreement!) If you have any suitable outdoor games, do feel free to bring them along too.

Looking forward to Zooming with you.

Much love