December Newsletter

Hello friends

I am so looking forward to our meeting on Thursday, which I think will be enormous fun, and utterly bonkers. We’re going to be dusting off and firing up the WOSWI time machine and whisking you all back to the 1970s for an evening of  game show madness and cheese and pineapple hedgehogs. Nice to see you to see you nice! (Honestly, is that the worst catchphrase of all time?)

Early start 
To allow us time to fit everything in we’re going to be starting at 7pm. **WE’RE STARTING AT 7PM**  (thought I’d better shout to get your attention, in case you only skim read my emails. Don’t want you turning up late.) 

Jam jar tombola
This is always popular so we’re doing it again this year. Just bring an empty jam jar that you’ve filled with anything you fancy – sweets, crafting supplies, condoms (yes, that  actually happened); anything that fits in a jar and you think somebody would like to win. (I’m not sure the 80 year old lady who won the condoms was all that chuffed, frankly.) Then for a mere quid you get to win a random jar and revel in/ sulk about its contents.

Please could I ask you not to forget to do a test before you come along on Thursday? Let’s all keep each other safe. Masks are optional.

Next month
To start the year we’re going to have Helen Davis talking to us about creative journalling and showing us some practical techniques that we can take away. As she says ‘Creative journalling offers a fun and relaxing way for anyone – not least of all time strapped, last-on-the-list women – to take time and reconnect with themselves”. She assures me that you don’t need to have any artistic skill, which is a good thing, as far as I’m concerned.

If you aren’t able to join us on Thursday, I’d like to take this opportunity to wish you a very peaceful, happy and healthy Christmas and to thank you for being such a valued member of our WOSWI gang.

Much love