Sneaky Preview for JUNE

Sneaky Peek: June

Towards the end of each year we the committee put together a meeting plan and distribute it amongst you good members. We then spend the following year working out how to actually deliver our planned meetings. So far we have, I think, pretty much got it right, but the June meeting had us stumped. The idea was a good one, involving as it did upcycling and fashion, but we just couldn't pull it together. So, rather than inflicting a sub standard meeting on you, we have decided to change the programme. It's a belter though as we have a top speaker coming all the way from that there London.

Matthew Collins began his career in television, first presenting on BBC2's The Travel Show, then on programmes such as Wogan and Richard and Judy. He's performed one-man shows at the Edinburgh and Buxton fringes, written four travel books, and contributed to most British national newspapers. He's also very much in demand as an after dinner speaker.

I've had several email chats with Matthew and he comes across as jolly amusing so I have high hopes.