Sneaky Preview for December

From Vanessa:

It's our party! Hoorah! I've booked THE best band (and my brother in law has nothing to do with it at all!) They're called Buckshee and they play a folky, toe tapping mix of Irish, Cajun, rock and roll, Caribbean, all sorts. I last saw them back in March and I danced so much that I gave myself tendonitis in my knees, which I still have. I reckon they enchanted my feet, like that film 'The Red Shoes'. If you don't want to dance, they're just as good to sit and listen to. And they aren't too loud either so a winner all round. If you haven't yet pledged your food contribution please come and find the sign up sheet this month, and we'll be having our ever popular jam jar tombola. Just to remind you, our Christmas party is a members only event.