More from Vanessa for April Meeting

Hello ladies

I thought you could do with a bit of early information about our April meeting so that you have plenty of time to practise a winning creation.

Next month is our AGM and to perk things up a bit (as if an AGM isn't perky enough already) we'll be having a cake themed extravaganza (that's more like it!) Time to put on your Domestic Goddess frilly pinny and dust off the scales.

Firstly, we're having a cake competition. There will be three categories; traybakes, sponges and cupcakes, with a prize of a £15 M&S voucher for the winner of each category. Plus the glory of being hoisted onto the shoulders of your WI sisters and carried aloft through the cheering streets of Southend***

Secondly, we will be having a cake sale in aid of our charity. All donations will be most gratefully received. If you think your baking skills aren't really up to being judged but you can still knock up an edible rock cake, please bring your offering along. It would also be a good idea to bring some sort of container to get your purchases home in one piece.

Thirdly, we're having a cookbook swap. If you have any good condition cookbooks that you never use, bring them along and exchange them for something that might inspire you to reach new heights in the kitchen. You know what I did last night? Shut my phone into my ancient copy of Delia's How to Cook and put it on the bookshelf. Even when it was clearly ringing we couldn't find the blooming thing. Good thing it hadn't gone flat as I wouldn't have found it until the next time the urge for an apple crumble came upon me. Anyway, I digress.

Finally, back to AGM matters. We currently only have two nominations for our charity of the year. If you have a charity you'd like us to support please email us the name and a brief description of what it does. Must be a registered charity.

See you soon


Sneaky Peek: April

It's our AGM! We'll be choosing our new charity, reviewing the last year and voting in a president. I'll be standing yet again as so far nobody else seems to want to tart about up the front, making a bit of a twit of themselves. I might be surprised by a last minute power coup though. Anything is possible. We'll also be having a cake sale and a cookery book swap, so it won't just be business stuff - important as that is.