Alleviating Loneliness

Arguments for the Resolution

       This is a current and timely issue and, with an increasingly ageing population, is likely to become more acute. Despite this, there are relatively few organisations working on the issue nationally, and those who are tend to represent it through the lens of older people.

       With this resolution, the WI has the opportunity use its influence and network to help catalyse a movement to bring awareness, understanding and action to a widespread problem. 


Arguments against the resolution

       Could this resolution be seen as inviting WIs and WI members to impose themselves on other people, in situations where that attention may be unwelcome?

       Is this resolution more a local, rather than a national issue? Could WIs work on this issue without the need to invoke a national resolution, and won’t many WIs be doing some of this work already?

       Would this resolution reinforce stereotypes about the WI as focusing on older people?