Vanessa's APRIL message


I'm frantically trying to get all my jobs done today as I'm flying off to Hamburg in the morning. We're going to the world's biggest model railway, which I'm reliably assured by my sister is really good, even if you're not a speccy train nerd. This is all part of my Peter Jones inspired mission to actually do the things on my bucket list. I'm particularly looking forward to merrily slipping into my seatbelt on the flight and not having the indignity of asking for an extension belt, seeing as I've now lost nearly two and a half stone. Maybe I might even have to pull it in a bit! What joy!

So, next week is our AGM, where we'll be doing all the business stuff, like choosing our new charity and agreeing the accounts. We'll  be voting in the new president too. Who will it be I wonder?! Perhaps there will be a last minute stampede of contenders. I'll also be launching a new challenge for the rest of the year, to celebrate our tenth birthday in September. I'm quite excited about this one. All will be revealed next week!

After  the business bit is over we're going to have some Fun with Food. Each table will have a plain white iced cake and a load of decorating stuff. You'll have a strict twenty minutes as a team to come up with a design concept and implement it in sugar. The winners will get prizes (every expense spared, control your excitement) and then we'll eat the cake. Such fun!

So that's it from me. It's now ten to eight and I haven't even started packing or dug out my passport. I have dispatched the presidential husband off to the fish and chip shop for dinner though and I think I can smell the vinegar and grease coming up the road.

Looking forward to seeing you all next week

Much love