Vanessa's  JULY Offering

Hello ladies

Sport has never been remotely important in my family. Apart from the 2012 Olympics, when my husband developed an unaccountable fascination with the ladies' beach volleyball, none of us have the slightest interest in anything involving running about or propelling objects through the air. My family are all musicians, which makes me a 'musicians widow'; organising our social life around gigs and getting involved in interminable conversations about pedal boards and machine heads. Maddie's boyfriend is into football though, which led to me watching the match on Tuesday. I'm always trying to fill my life with new experiences and that definitely counts as one of those. I have to say, it was jolly exciting, wasn't it? I'm even going to watch the next one! (on my own as everybody else will be gigging).

Many thanks to Marianne for a fascinating talk at the last meeting. I've been making a conscious effort to sit and walk in a more aligned fashion and it definitely makes me look thinner. Result! (Get me with my football lingo) This month we will be looking at the gentle art of flower arranging. We'll have a demonstrator inspiring us to get more creative and we'll also be getting hands on making fancy corsages. My knowledge of flower arranging is about as deep as my knowledge of footie so I'm looking forward to learning more and having another new experience, which is what the WI is all about, after all.

Please remember to bring your plants along for our flower sale, as well as your contributions to Smellies for the Sick. And sanitary products for needy women.

If you haven't yet paid for our trip to Eltham Palace on Friday September 14th we'll need your money on Thursday. It's £26 and we do still have a couple of places left if you fancy a jolly with the girls. We'll be selling tickets for our quiz night on October 19th as well. £40 for a table of eight, so start rounding up all your clever friends.

See you next Thursday.

Much love