Vanessa's JANUARY message

Hello everybody and a very happy new year to you all.

How are you getting on with your resolutions? Existing sadly on a carrot and a nice glass of iced water? Or are you still in Christmas mode and blithely knocking back  Baileys and a selection box for breakfast? Frankly, I've given up on resolutions as every January I vow this is the year that I'll effortlessly morph into Claudia Winkleman but come December I find that I'm still Anne Widdecombe. What I do is have a look back at the year before and vow to do a bit more of the things that went well and a bit less of the things that didn't. Moderation in all things, that's my new motto. Or is that actually a resolution? Dammit!

We're really excited about the things we have planned for you this year and we're hearing that you are too, which is nice. Due to various other new local WIs springing up over the last few years we now find ourselves in the unusual situation of not having a waiting list. It's always lovely to meet new members, and we do need to keep a certain level to maintain our income, so do you have friends who might like to join our happy band? If so, bring them along in January to see what we get up to. Our speaker, Peter Jones, comes highly recommended and promises to be thought provoking and funny in equal measure.

We're terribly modern, us lot, and you can now pay your fees by bank transfer! If, like me, you always forget to bring a cheque book to the meeting you can pay up this very minute and tick something off your 'to do' list. You can still pay by cheque or cash, of course, if that's easier. 

Bank: Co-operative Southend 

Account Name: Westcliff on Sea Womens Institute

Account No: 65376795

Sort code: 08-92-99

2019 sub: Full £42.00 Dual £20.50


Please remember to put your name in the Reference field!!

Lastly, I just need to share some very sad news. We found out at the Christmas party that one of our long standing members, Judith Beale, passed away unexpectedly just after she'd arrived home from our November meeting. She was a lovely lady and will be very much missed.

Looking forward to seeing you all

Much love



P.S. Completely forgot to mention our annual sale of unwanted Christmas gifts! Did your nearest and dearest not quite hit the mark this year? Are you gazing at a pile of questionable items with puzzlement on your face and despair in your heart? One woman's dross is another woman's dearest wish so bring along your unwanted gifts and I'll auction them off for MODS, our charity of the year.

And don't forget your mug and your old magazines.