Vanessa's February Offering

Hello ladies.

Part Two:

Hello everybody

I should know better than to write a WoSWI newsletter in a hurry. Now I have to send out another email to cover the things I forgot to put in the first one!

Firstly, it might be useful to those of you who couldn't make last month's meeting to have our new address. It's the Royal Naval Association, 73-79 East Street, Southend, SS2 6LQ. There's parking at the back, in the surrounding streets, and opposite in the clinic after 8pm.

Secondly, Chrissy and Jill have told the committee that they will be resigning in April after years of service to WoSWI. Naturally I'm currently trying to dig up some dirt on them so I can blackmail them into staying. So far no joy though, so I think I'm going to have to come to terms with their loss from our merry gang. Change can be a positive thing though, and it's always good to have new blood and new ideas. So, would you like to join us? All you need to commit is one evening a month for a meeting, where we make plans, eat food, plot world dominion, and laugh a lot. Then you'll need to arrive a bit early before the monthly get together. I promise you won't get stuck with doing loads of boring things you don't want to do, which is always my fear when I join any sort of group. We tend to play to our individual strengths and only volunteer for the things we actually enjoy doing. If you'd like to know more, drop us an email or just grab me at the next meeting.

Much love 



Part One: Well, I am delighted to say that we haven't received one adverse comment about our move to the Naval Club. Everybody I spoke to said how friendly the atmosphere was and how cosy it felt. It's obviously a bit of a worry for us committee members when we have to make a big decision on behalf of you, our lovely members, so it's always most gratifying when you tell us we've got it right. The staff have all been so helpful and I'll be announcing details of our new craft sub group at the meeting next week.

Many thanks to Sally Ann and Sue for putting so much effort and imagination into planning last month's meeting. I thoroughly enjoyed it, although I don't think I'll be able to face strawberry jam again for a long while. Perhaps eating all the samples was a mistake. 

This month we have a pair of jolly interesting speakers; our member Carol Ellis and her husband Steve, who are both divers.Under license from English Heritage they explore the ancient wrecks that were uncovered when the Thames was dredged to accommodate large ships using the new port. Should be fascinating to find out what treasures lie off the coast of Southend. 

This is your last chance to renew your subscription for another year of fun, frolics and friendship. The fee is £41 and £20 for dual members. Don't forget!

Really looking forward to another evening in your company

Much love