Vanessa's January Offering

Hello ladies and a very happy new year to you all.

Is there anybody who likes the first week of January? Unless it's your birthday week, I suppose. If you're anything like me, your waistline is up and your bank balance is down, pine needles are popping up in all sorts of annoying places, the resolutions made so blithely just a few days ago are already slipping into forlorn history, and Summer seems unimaginably far away. Never fear! We have a fabulous meeting planned to bring joy and laughter back into your lives! Next week we're going to be having an event which is part food quiz and part consumer taste testing, with all sorts of things to smell, eat and identify. That's about all I can tell you as it's been planned by Sally Ann, but it promises to be our customary mix of interest and fun. I hope there's cake.

If you haven't yet paid up, SUBSCRIPTIONS ARE DUE. This is £41 or £20 if you are already a member of another WI and have paid them the full fee. The cut off for paying is February so if we haven't received your payment by the end of Feb we'll have to give your place to somebody from the waiting list. We've got all sorts of entertaining things planned for the year, from belly dancing to bell ringing. Best sort out your payment this month so you don't have a last minute panic.

Were you absolutely delighted with every single Christmas present you got? Or did you receive something that didn't quite hit the spot? As usual we will be having our unwanted gift bring and buy table, so if you have something you don't want but somebody else might, we'd be most grateful for your donations. Also, we're still collecting sanitary products for homeless women (tampons are particularly welcome) and smellies for the sick. And donations for the raffle are always gratefully received. Your home made cakes always go down a treat. This month's raffle will be food themed with a lovely cheese and wine hamper.

Really looking forward to seeing you all for our last meeting in the Arlington

Much love