Vanessa's Latest Offering

 December, 2018

Hello everybody

I have some very important news for you.
You may or may not be aware that for the last year the committee have been somewhat concerned as to whether William at the Arlington wished to carry on hiring out his venue to us. It appears our concerns were justified as last month he told me he would only renew our agreement on a three monthly basis. We don't want to take all your membership fees for the year and then find that we're homeless in April. We also don't want you to pay out your hard earned dosh only to find that we promptly move to somewhere you can't get to. This made it imperative that we find a new home before the end of the year and, by golly, we've only gone and done it!
Chrissie, Jill, Sue, Sally Ann and myself have all been to have a look around the Royal Naval Club on East Street and we were jolly impressed. We intend to have our last meeting at the Arlington in January and then we'll start in our new home in February. To be honest, it doesn't have the glitz and glamour of an art deco ballroom but I really like it as it's got a cosy, friendly, old fashioned air about it. There are also MANY other things to like.

  • For starters, it only costs £50 instead of £225! This means we'll have much more money to splash out on meetings.

  • The bar prices are really reasonable as well; £2.60 for a glass of wine or £2.85 for a pint of beer. 

  •  I'm particularly excited to say, there's no prohibition on bringing our own food, so we can have cake !!! 

  • The space is really flexible as there's an extra private bar we can hire for £30 if we need it. I'm thinking of setting up some new sub groups to meet in this bar at other times.

  • The Lighting is much better for crafts

At first we were a bit concerned about parking but I think we'll be OK. There's a car park at the back that's bigger than the Arlington's, we can park in the chiropractor's clinic over the road, Prittlewell Station is a short hop away and there's other parking in the surrounding streets. I definitely don't think it will be worse than the Arlington, and a lot better than the Cliffs. Car sharing is always a good idea though.

So, change is afoot!  I'm really excited about this as I think the Royal Naval Club will be a proper home for us.

Hoping Christmas is everything you want it to be.

Much love