Vanessa's JULY message

Good morning ladies

Well, here I am, back from Crete; brown, rested and half a stone heavier. And they say a mediterranean diet is good for you! A lot has changed in Milligan Towers in the last month. My baby girl has left university (with a first!) and been headhunted for some sort of fancy but somewhat vague sounding job. I think it involves  bid writing for a management consultancy but I can't help but wonder if she's actually been recruited into a life of espionage. I suppose I'll know if she starts wearing a hat and dark glasses at all times. Meanwhile my baby boy has decided to leave home and move in with his girlfriend in Derby! Honestly, you blink and they're all grown up.

This month is the Pimms and Painting meeting, long anticipated by me. I'm sure after this my inner artist will be unleashed. (Or perhaps it already has - I seem to be able to recreate Tracey Emin's 'My Bed' with no trouble whatsoever!) So, we have  three expert painters coming to tutor us and we'll each be creating a picture of a flower in acrylics. While sipping a glass or two of Pimms of course. 

A few months ago we decided to do a regular collection of food for the local foodbank. I have to say though that so far the donations have been verging on woeful.  I wonder if I could suggest that we have a big push this month and all bring something along? It would gladden my heart to see a massive pile of food for people who are really struggling at the moment. Otherwise we'll probably need to reconsider whether this is a cause we wish to support as a group.

This is your last chance to sign up for our afternoon tea party on September 8th - either at the meeting or by replying to this email. Don't forget or you'll be missing out!

See you all on Thursday.

Much love