Do you have a literary leaning?

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 Book Group 1         

Host: Lisa Eastwood

Book Group is a great mix of 12 ladies who each take it in turn to choose a book and host the monthly meeting. It makes for a really wide range of books and different styles of meeting.

Our Thursday evening meetings have been a great way to get to know people over a glass of wine; read types of books we otherwise wouldn't have looked twice at and discover the different perceptions of one book.


Book Group 3          

Host: Jo Hughes

The newest book group! Also meeting on a Thursday and also currently full. 

 Writing Group         

Host: Kim Kimber

The WoSWI writing subgroup is aimed at ladies interested in pursuing their creative side.

We are an informal and supportive group and enjoy writing for pleasure. To date we have written letters, book reviews, descriptions, dialogues and short stories and some ladies have seen their work published for the first time. We produced our first anthology 'Write on the Coast' last year. Our new anthology 'Ten Minute Tales' is now in print.

WoSWI writing group members have different strengths and interests but we share a common love of the English language and the written word. So, whether you are a budding author or simply want to have a go at different forms of writing and see where it takes you, you are welcome to come along and join us.

We meet at 8.00 pm on the first Thursday of every month at members' houses and because of this, space is limited but we can always squeeze in a couple more.